What is ai? Ai is the AI tech that will revolutionize the way we use computers and artificial intelligence to help us do things that are impossible today.

Ai can solve complex problems using only its eyes, so its not a machine at all, it just thinks like a computer.But, in fact, it has a much higher intelligence than most computers.This makes it extremely powerful and capable of understanding and executing complex tasks in a much faster and more efficient manner than a […]

How the Unity Engine makes VR possible

With the release of Unity 4.4, developers can now start building virtual reality experiences in Unity 3D.We’ve put together a guide to how to use Unity 3.5 for VR.We’re excited to announce that the first of a new series of tutorials on how to create VR experiences in the Unity 3 D engine will be […]

How to prevent seagate hard drive failures with a simple tool

A quick fix for seagate’s biggest hard drive failure could save you money and time and even help you avoid a costly repair.The new hard drive design is designed to withstand catastrophic failure without affecting your data.In this case, it’s a big deal.This article first appeared on FoxNews.com and is reproduced here as part of […]

How to make it on your own plane—and how to be a true drone pilot

You know you want to fly an airplane when your fingers feel like they’re flying a helicopter.And yet you never really know what you’re actually going to get out of the process.That’s the big difference between a drone and a helicopter, and it’s why so many hobbyists choose to fly their own planes instead of […]

Which are the latest roper technology announcements?

We are looking at technology announcements that are related to roper, the software that powers our homes.We are going to take a look at all the roper related announcements we can find.We have a special category in our database for roper announcements related to security and home automation.In this category, you can find roper compatible […]

How to Find the Best Value Stock for You

Microsoft Corp. is seeking to sell itself as a leader in cloud-based software, technology and services as it seeks to grow in the cloud and the world economy.The software maker said on Tuesday that it is seeking a buyer to finance the sale of its core Microsoft Azure platform, which competes with Apple Inc. and […]

How to turn your phone into a drone, a camera and more

The biggest selling point for the drone industry is its ability to deliver videos, photos and images to your smartphone.You can use it to capture video, take photos, take video stills and more.But what does the drone really do?And how do you use it?In short, you can take it for a spin and you can […]

jumias technologies stock is down about 30% in after-hours trading

The stock of jumiatrans.com has dropped more than 30% today after the company was sold for $50 million by a company owned by an investor who has been a vocal critic of the tech giant.The sale comes after Jumia Technologies CEO Jumai Ruan had made a personal appearance at the Democratic National Convention last week […]

Tessco, Zebra Technologies, Mirion Technology share big data and cloud tech

Tessco Technologies, the largest publicly traded Zebra technology company, is buying Mirion Systems, a cloud-based platform for data analytics, cloud-native software and services, and cloud-enabled services.Mirion’s cloud computing offerings include Zebra Cloud, Zest Cloud, and Zest Analytics.Mirions cloud computing platform will be built on a technology stack called Mirion Platform, which is built on top […]

Which cloud technologies are in the spotlight right now?

Google is under fire from regulators over the way it deals with its own data, with regulators concerned that the tech giant could make it more difficult for consumers to access cloud-based services.A new report from the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) warns that Google is making it harder for consumers and companies to access […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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