Which is better for the world’s most advanced technologies?

The technology of the future is bound to be different from the world of today, and the next big technology could be that which does not require any new technologies to make it into the market, or even create a new industry.While some technologies will need to be tweaked to be commercially viable, others are […]

The top 5 smartphone apps for 2018

1.Android: Google’s mobile operating system dominates smartphones worldwide, with a whopping 73% market share and over 70% of the market in India, which accounts for more than 60% of smartphone shipments.With over two billion Android smartphones sold, it’s the biggest smartphone market in the world.The top five smartphone apps on the market for 2018 include: […]

Which medical marijuana products can I get?

Medical marijuana products have been gaining popularity in the United States since 2012.In the past few years, there has been a steady increase in the number of products available, with manufacturers releasing multiple strains of pot to consumers and offering strains that are safe for both patients and doctors.Some products are even available in grocery […]

What is a new version of the ampere standard?

CNN article — The European Union and Japan are launching a new standard for measuring the wattage of electronic devices, a move that could change the way we think about power usage and energy usage, and pave the way for a better understanding of energy consumption in the future.As the European Union prepares to officially […]

How to spot the Raytheon Technologies logo on clothing

What does Raytheons logo mean?The Raytheonic company is famous for its technology for creating drones and missiles.It’s also famous for the Ray theon insignia on its shirts and jackets.In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, the company revealed that it was also working on a wearable device, and it had been in talks […]

How to create a secure cloud environment with Rackspace technologies

From virtualization to cloud hosting, the latest in storage technology has made its way to the cloud.Today, there are many different cloud services, including Rackspace, and we’ll be covering some of the best of them in this article.Rackspace technologies are widely used by businesses to run cloud infrastructure and virtualization applications, and they are well […]

What’s next for the IoT?

The Federal Trade Commission is looking into how to best use the internet of things to boost consumer awareness and engagement, while some lawmakers are pushing for better guidance for manufacturers on how to use the new technology.The FTC has been trying to set up a task force to address how to make sure consumers […]

New Google app allows users to view photos and videos directly from their Google Photos feed

Updated August 19, 2018 11:24:51A new Google app has opened up a new way for people to view their photos and video content from their photos feed directly from Google Photos.Google is introducing a new app for Android users to upload photos and other content directly from the photos feed, Google says on its new […]

Man-made carbon dioxide emitted by world’s biggest coal plant could threaten global warming: report

The global carbon dioxide emissions from coal plants could soon hit 1 billion tonnes, as part of a new global assessment of coal power plants.The World Resources Institute (WRI) said it has compiled an “in-depth assessment” of the coal sector and the impact it will have on the world’s climate.The WRI’s “World Coal Market” report, […]

How to make your smartphone’s display more accurate with the CRISPR/Cas9 system

TechCrunch title Researchers at the University of Kansas discovered that CRISP gene editing can make your phone more accurate, according to Ars Technic article TechCulturist.com title How the FDA is turning off a lot of people’s smartphones for good article Tech Insider article

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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