How the meridian technology revolution could save the world

The world has been going downhill for a few decades now.But it is changing so fast that there is no way to know when the trend will stop, nor even what will.The meridian technologies revolution, if it does not take hold, could be a disaster for humanity, according to one former president of Google and […]

Why does Google want to turn its camera into a TV?

A Canadian startup is using technology that can capture photos and video for home use without the need for a remote, and it’s raising $10 million in a Series A round led by Google Ventures.Google Ventures is also working on a home automation device called Nest, and is working with a company called Wunderlich to […]

How to get your business to focus on data in a data-driven world

A tech startup in Bangalore is using its analytics platform to help people make better decisions about their business.Redtail Technology, which has over a dozen offices in India, is a global company that focuses on data-based decision-making, and the team behind Redtail Technology wants to build a tool that can help people improve their business […]

Apple’s ‘iTunes for All’ is a “gimmick”

Apple is working on a subscription music service, Apple Music, that would let users buy music from iTunes.According to an internal Apple memo, the service would let people buy songs for as little as $9.99 a month, and users would be able to buy music and download them for free.The memo does not elaborate on […]

Technology stocks, ca technologies to rise in April

Technology stocks rose sharply in April to hit a new record high on Thursday, driven by gains in the semiconductor industry and high-tech businesses.The S&P 500 rose 4.1% in the past three months, to a record high.The index is up 7.2% year-to-date, which is the best performance since the Nasdaq Composite closed above 1,000 for […]

How to install DeepFake, an AI tool to uncover fraud in Amazon’s cloud technology

DeepFake is a tool that lets you quickly and easily install a third-party service on Amazon’s AWS cloud, allowing you to quickly and efficiently identify and remove fraudulent content from the company’s platform.Amazon has long been criticised for using AWS cloud computing to provide a cheap and easy-to-use service for third-parties, but DeepFake gives developers […]

What to expect from a new version of Microsoft’s Wats Water technology

Posted by WatsTech on January 11, 2018 02:08:12This is one of the major news items that I’ve been working on for a while now.I’m happy to say that Microsoft is releasing a new WatsWater product.I don’t know if you’ve seen this product before, but it’s called WatsRise and it’s the name of Microsofts new water-tech […]

How to win the Agribusiness Industry’s IPO – ESPNCricInfo

How to get the scoop on Agribuses next big tech stock: The story of jumium technologies and how it’s the most promising new agribusying technology to come along since corn and wheat.The big picture: With the U.S. agribuses future under threat by a host of looming challenges including climate change and the loss of rural […]

Microsoft announces new technologies that will help customers achieve greater energy efficiency

Microsoft has announced that it will partner with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to help countries reduce their reliance on coal and other fossil fuels.The UNDP, which is responsible for international climate change, development and energy, announced in a statement on Monday that it would fund a “solar thermal energy project” to generate electricity […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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