How to invest in cranium technology stocks

Cranial technology stocks have been trending in recent months, and there are more opportunities for investors to diversify their portfolios.Here are some of the best cranium tech stocks to consider.Read MoreA lot of the companies listed here have some overlap with cranium technologies, so if you’re looking for cranium-based technology stocks to invest, check out […]

‘This is a big deal’: A new drone that’s not just for the military

BALTIMORE — A new robotic aerial drone, one that’s smaller than a football field, could be a game changer for U.S. drone combat.It’s the first of its kind, and it’s a bit pricey, but the drone could be just the thing to help U.N. peacekeepers battle al-Shabaab, which is fighting to overthrow Somalia’s government.U.S.-made Biltill […]

Why Lorex technology is still popular with the people

NEW YORK — It’s a photo of a pair of white pants and a pair (and a couple more) of black pants with a black belt and a black hat, and that’s all Lorex has to offer.But that doesn’t mean it’s a coincidence that a number of people who were once skeptical about the company’s […]

The Government’s latest push to crack down on the Vislink devices that make your phone useless

Posted September 10, 2018 15:18:59 The Government is to introduce new laws to crack Down on the use of Vislik technology in the country, after it was revealed that up to 70,000 people in Australia have used them without a licence.The laws, to be announced by Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Wednesday, are aimed at […]

‘WWE 2K16’ trailer reveals a new villain

This time around, it’s not a super villain, it is a super-villain.“WWE® 2K17: WWE 2K19” opens with an all-new trailer that gives fans a glimpse at “the new villain of WWE 2k16.”The trailer opens with the tagline, “Welcome to the new world of WWE® 2k17,” and it’s a good start.The trailer shows off the new […]

Which computer technologies are on the rise and which are on their way out?

The Internet is transforming how we communicate, and there are many new ways of interacting with one another.But there are also a number of new technologies that are already making their way into the digital world.Here are five of the hottest new tech trends shaping our future.1.A decentralized social network This is the future of […]

Tech startups with starkey hearing technology connect with people with hearing loss

A few tech startups in the Dallas area have been using starkey technology to give hearing-impaired people the ability to read text messages without looking at a computer screen.The Starkey Hearing Technology company, which recently received an award from the U.S. Department of Defense, was created by Jacob Starkey, a former engineer with the U

How to take on the ‘big tech giants’ in the face of the big data revolution

By now, you’ve probably heard of the data revolution, or maybe you haven’t.But it’s only the beginning.As we know, data is the raw data that powers our lives, from our phones to our social media accounts to our email accounts.But the power of data has been underestimated.The tech giants, the world’s biggest corporations, are poised […]

‘La Crosse’ technology allows people to access health information online in minutes

A new system that can be used to access medical data online in just minutes has been launched in La Crosse, Alberta.The Canadian health information technology company Arlo Technologies says its system is a first for Canada and is being hailed as a breakthrough for people with disabilities and other people with chronic health conditions.La […]

How to make your own smart phones

The most powerful smartphone in the world is getting smarter.The Huawei Mate 10 is already a smartphone that has been updated with Google’s latest Android version, but the Huawei Mate 7 has yet to be upgraded to the latest version of Android and will only be able to be charged by a micro USB port.The […]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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