The United States is home to some of the world’s most expensive businesses, according to new data from the United Nations.

That’s according to the latest figures from the U.N. Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCAPWA), which tracks corporate spending.

The report released Tuesday, which looked at the economic value of all types of economic activity including manufacturing, tourism, agriculture, finance and trade, showed the United States was the top-spending country in the world in terms of total business spending.

That number was up from the previous year when it was at $5,521 billion.

The U.S. spent $521.1 billion on economic activity in 2020, which is nearly $500 billion more than its next closest competitor, Germany, which spent $491.7 billion.

It was the third straight year the U,S.

topped the list of the top 10 largest businesses, after China and Germany.

The biggest businesses in the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and South Korea spent more than the U of A. In total, the U-shaped corporation accounted for nearly 20% of the U’s total economic output.

In 2020, the top five companies were all based in the U and South.

While the United states ranked higher on the overall economic rankings than other major nations, it was far behind China, which was the biggest economy in the World.

In fact, the world ranked 10th overall in the latest rankings.

The next largest economy was Russia with $4,085.4 billion in economic activity.

It spent more on economic activities than all but two countries in the top ten.

The number of people in the global workforce has been declining steadily over the past few decades.

But the report said that was likely because more and more people have been entering the workforce through education and technology, which has made it cheaper for people to start businesses.

“The rise of the digital economy has allowed many of the people in most advanced economies to pursue their careers in a way that was previously not possible,” said John J. Sweeney, the report’s author.

“The rise in technological sophistication and innovation has also enabled more and greater job opportunities for more and less skilled workers, leading to a more prosperous world for all.”