LENR, a leading luminaire company based in Taiwan, has closed at $3.17 per share after reporting fourth-quarter revenue of $1.45 billion and profit of $14.6 million.

The stock had fallen about 8% this week and is down 1.4% this year.

The chipmaker reported $1 billion in revenue for the period, compared with $734 million in the prior year.

It has lost money for three quarters in a row.

“Intel’s quarterly earnings beat analyst expectations, and this results is solid.

LENRs revenue was lower than our expectations, but it is important to note that LENr’s revenue is a reflection of the strength of its business.

In other words, the business is performing,” said Michael He, senior analyst at S&P Capital IQ.

He noted that Intel is still looking to expand its market share in the enterprise market, which it’s currently not doing.

Shares of LENRA, a company focused on semiconductor technology, fell nearly 2% on Wednesday.

The company reported revenue of almost $1 million, a 13% drop from a year ago.

Last week, LENER, a technology company based near Tokyo, reported third-quarter revenues of $933 million and profit that was 13% higher than last year.

The shares fell 1% this morning.

In the energy market, U.S. crude oil prices plunged by more than 1% in the afternoon.

U.K. benchmark Brent crude fell below $46 a barrel for the first time in four months as concerns about the U.N. climate change agreement spread to Europe and China.

A Reuters poll of oil-trading firms showed U. S. oil prices fell below their long-term average in the final three weeks of September.