Technological advances have transformed the way people use and interact with technology, but there’s still a lot of work left to do to turn our digital devices into a true computing machine.

Here’s how to turn an old computer in your garage into a truly powerful, mobile computer.1.

Put an iPhone on a wall and it’s going to work like a phoneThe best way to turn a wall into a computer is to put it on a desk or other solid surface, but the trick is to have a phone handy and have a place where it can be turned.

The easiest way to do this is to use a wall-mounting bracket, like the ones found on the bottom of a wall.

Using a bracket that’s already installed, simply snap the bracket to the wall and mount the phone to the bracket.

The phone’s display will automatically switch to the new computer, and you can use the phone as a keyboard and mouse.

The bracket will also make a nice display stand for the phone.2.

Use a USB cable to charge your phoneThe simplest way to charge an iPhone is to plug it into a USB port on the computer.

The iPhone will then charge at the same rate as the computer’s processor.

But the more power the iPhone has, the faster it will run.

If you want to speed up your phone, you can connect it to an external power source like a USB wall outlet.3.

Use an SD card to store all your dataThe easiest way of storing all your photos and videos on an iPhone will be to use an SD Card Reader.

When you hold down the Home button, the iPhone will automatically read and write the files on the card.

You can then use the card to take photos, or store your music, or videos.

You will not be able to transfer the photos or videos to your PC.

You also won’t be able save files to your computer.4.

Use Wi-Fi to connect your iPhone to the InternetThe best and simplest way of connecting an iPhone to a Wi-fi network is to buy an iPhone-specific adapter.

The best ones are the iPhone USB Adapter ($39) and iPhone-compatible Wi-Link Adapter ($34).

Both adapters work with iPhone models starting at $29.99.

If your iPhone is already Wi-compatible, you don’t need an adapter at all.

Just plug the adapter into your router and the iPhone is ready to go.

The Wi-link adapter also works with any iPhone with an 802.11ac Wi-FI chip, so you don,t need an additional adapter.5.

Use Bluetooth to control your iPhoneThe easiest and most secure way to control an iPhone using Bluetooth is to purchase a Bluetooth-enabled Bluetooth adapter that supports Bluetooth 5.0.

The one I recommend is the Apple Wireless Control Adapter ($59), which will let you control your device with Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth LE).

You can buy a Bluetooth 5 adapter, or a Bluetooth LE adapter that works with iOS 9.2, for $29 each.6.

Use the internet to connect to the internetIf you already have an iPhone and your computer has an Internet connection, you should be able access the internet through your iPhone’s Internet connection.

Using an ethernet cable, you will then be able connect to an open Wi-field.

To do this, you must first configure your iPhone.

Open the Settings app, then tap on Wi-Field.7.

Connect your iPhone directly to your home networkNow that your iPhone has an ethercom cable plugged into it, you have two choices: connect the iPhone directly into your home Wi-Network (which has a built-in router), or connect it over your home Internet (which uses a router).

For this tutorial, I’ll be connecting the iPhone to my home network.

Follow the steps in this tutorial to set up your iPhone and connect it directly to the network.8.

Turn your iPhone on and use the webNow you should have a functioning iPhone, but you can also use it to browse the web and take a call, or use it as a wireless remote control.

You won’t need to be connected to your Mac or PC to use your iPhone, and the device will also function as a Bluetooth remote.9.

Turn on your phone’s cameraNow you’ll have a camera with a built in flash and a wide-angle lens.

But there’s one important thing you don.t want to do: turn on the camera.

This camera won’t work with all apps.

To turn on a camera, you’ll need to set it to a specific mode and choose an appropriate image.

You don’t want to turn it on and off at the start of a movie or when you’re on your iPhone playing a video game.

Once the camera is set to a particular mode, you won’t want it to turn on and on again.

Instead, turn the camera on and you