Updated August 19, 2018 11:24:51A new Google app has opened up a new way for people to view their photos and video content from their photos feed directly from Google Photos.

Google is introducing a new app for Android users to upload photos and other content directly from the photos feed, Google says on its new website.

Google Photos is an Android app for capturing and sharing photos and movies, videos, and more.

The app works with Google Photos on a desktop, Android, iOS, and web browser, and it has a few other features too, like tagging photos and allowing people to search for content.

But unlike the popular Google Photos mobile app, Google Photos is still available in the Play Store for free.

Google said the new Google Photos app is “designed for people who want to share photos directly from photos on their Google account and from their personal photos.”

It’s a great way to share your favorite photos and to access photos from your other accounts, the company says.

You can find the Google Photos Android app at Play.com, on Google Play and in the Google app store for smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Google also added a feature for people with multiple Google Accounts to quickly share photos and content directly with friends or family members.

It also offers a “Share Photo” function, which allows you to share a photo or video from your Google account with a friend or family member without having to create a new account.