On Monday, the NFL’s governing body approved a proposal to allow players to wear helmets while playing football.

It also allowed teams to play games on Sunday afternoons and afternoon primetime.

The NFL’s rules also allow players with concussion symptoms to wear headgear while playing.

And the NFL Players Association announced that it has launched an app to allow fans to track the status of players on the field.

“The game of football has never been more important,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement.

“As the game continues to evolve, we are committed to improving the health and safety of our players, coaches, players families and fans.

Today, we’re announcing a plan to make it easier for fans to follow the health of our game.”

While it’s true that players have been using headgear to help them play, helmets are not the only way players can improve their health.

The NFL has also been taking steps to encourage players to keep up with the game, including using virtual coaches for the 2017 season and training camps.

While helmets are becoming a more important part of the game for players, there are still a lot of hurdles to overcome before helmets can be worn on the sideline.

For instance, there is still no rule that requires them to be worn during certain situations, like when a player is knocked out.

In addition, the rule in place currently requires teams to wear protective gear in all games.

The league also is still reviewing how it will handle headgear during other sports, such as football.

While the NFLPA and other players groups have been pushing for helmets for years, the league has been slow to act.

The union’s proposal is expected to be announced on Thursday.